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The Lost Scripts: "Assassination," by Alex Parkinson

In The Lost Scripts Series, Julian releases the scripts of some series episodes that went unproduced.


JULIAN and AMBASSADOR RAUL (40s), the Ecuadorian Ambassador to the UK and ten times the man Julian is, sit on the terrace drinking a whisky and smoking cigars. Raul smokes his cigar like a baby sucking on a pacifier. Julian coughs every time he takes a puff, but soldiers on to not seem like a wimp in front of Raul.

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They've Got Spies on the Inside!

I bloody told you! The FBI and the Ecuadorians are in it together, watching my every move. I can’t even get one off the wrist without them checking out the ol’ flesh drive - bunch of bloody perverts. You know, if Don wants tips on how to screw porn stars without having to make hush payments, he only needs to ask.

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A Message for Maria Butina - This Air Mattress Is Big Enough for Two

Maria Butina, I want you to know you’re my kinda girl: Russian, conservative, and meddlesome. Now that you’ve pleaded guilty, you’re gonna want to get the fuck out of America and I couldn’t recommend the Ecuadorian Embassy in London more. Come and join me!

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