In Season 1 of Julian Assange’s Embassy Suite, the Wikileaks founder gets under the skin of Cristina, the Ecuadorian Diplomat charged with watching over him. The Robert Mueller investigation might be looking into secret meetings between Assange and Paul Manafort, but what’s really going on inside the Embassy?


To break out of his boredom, Julian parties with a visitor from the Colombian Embassy and causes hostilities with Ecuador.


Julian refuses to eat his food due to its provocative name.


A protester demanding Julian's basic rights disrupts the Embassy and causes the bobbies to question who the real victim is.


Julian recites a Pamela Anderson poem to his adoring masses... and a couple of surprisingly erudite bobbies.

Doctor’s visit

Julian requests a humanitarian visit from Medicins Sans Frontieres.

Laundry Day

Julian interrupts Cristina during important Embassy business to track down some clean clothes.

El presidente

Julian uses his Ecuadoran citizenship to launch his political career, modeling himself after another iconic freedom fighter.

Prank Call

Julian leaves a string of voicemails on Trump's answering machine, before finally getting a call.